Building sensors and instruments that collect actionable data with long-lasting value through repeatability requires many design decisions. Knowing optical characteristics of target materials and objects, and their measurable features that can be exploited or revealed by the sensor, allows optimal design and selection of hardware (eg light sources, modulators, optics, detectors, and processors) that designers and engineers ensure work together to produce the expected data. Sensors of opportunity rarely work well.  Effective sensors are built with the application in mind and utilize holistic design that includes verified data models and algorithms (eg machine-learning), software, and long-term support.

AOT sensors and instruments feature the most modern, robust, and advantageous hardware indicated by design and metrology expertise. Patented imaging polarimeters are redefining how sensors classify materials at high speeds, and metrology instruments including custom scatterometers, fluorometers, microscopes, interferometers, and autocollimators provide targeted data through the same quality principles.

CrystalView CPCI Registered-Channel Multiplexer Field Polarimeters Metrology Instruments

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