Optical Calibration

Optical Calibration

Optical Calibration Overview

Do your polarization optics satisfy the accuracy requirements of your device or sensor? Don't spend precious time on diagnostics and troubleshooting due to under-specified optics.  AOT can measure and calibrate your polarization optics with our metrology polarimeters to better than 1% overall elemental error at various laser wavelengths and provide corresponding CAD files for use in optical-design programs.

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Obtain Comprehensive Specifications

Understand effects for any input polarization state

Improve Accuracy and Control

Work with smaller signatures and lower SNRs

Empower CAD Models

Describe actual states and observable data

Reduce Development Costs

Save time and reduce trial-and-error development



Any optical device or sensor that controls or measures polarization will benefit from accurate calibration and comprehensive specifications. These include instruments that characterize nanostructures, fiber composites, textiles, plastics, and semiconductor & optical thin films, microscopes for metallography, crystallography, pharmaceutical chiral analysis, and biomedical tissue assays, telecopes for astronomy, lidar, and laser communication and quantum cryptography.  Bring your application and AOT will improve your performance.


Batch variation of commercial polarizers

Dev Polarizers

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