Material Characterization

Material Characterization Overview

Well-designed, exploitable material characterization is the key to success for many devices and sensors.  Accurate material measurements can also propel physical models through verification and extension.  AOT can characterize properties of your materials, from microstructural or electronic anisotropies to particle size to surface roughness and modulation depth, all measurable by non-destructive laser probes. Direct material measurements, often to the nanoscale, complement laser measurements and elucidate additional material properties.  Atomic-force microscopy (AFM) direct surface measurements can provide three-dimensional nanoscale parameters critical to many electrical, optical, chemical, biological, and mechanical processes on surfaces, and AOT's extended-range AFM (exAFM) can extend your surface understanding over wider frequency bands.

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Nanoscale Resolution

Reveal structures and precursors at sub-optical scales

Multi-Scale and Multi-Dimensional Characterization

Understand material properties scalable to relevant topologies

Data Visibility

Get data in raw parsable, common language, and graphical formats

Traceability and Long-Term Support

Rely on perpetual calibration files and data accessibility



Accurate characterization of engineered optical materials provides device and component calibration, while accurate material signatures enable modalities including orientation and cystallographic imaging. You bring the application and AOT will provide material data to fuel it.

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