Metrology Instruments

Metrology Instruments

Metrology Instruments Overview

If you want accurate and actionable optical metrology at your facility, for instance manufacturing quality-control, a graphics or material-characterization laboratory, or an add-on to an existing system, then AOT may be able to build your instrument utilizing our core advantages.  Considering the high-dimensional material and configuration spaces accessible through AOT designs, we recognize that no instrument can measure even a majority of these coordinates, so every instrument is custom to your requirements.  AOT will understand your material and configuration spaces and offer the most efficient and affordable custom optical metrology instrument.


Your instrument will have access to the benefits of AOT's measurement services, including but not limited to

Obtain Comprehensive Specifications

Both on your instrument and through its measurements

Multi-Scale and Multi-Dimensional Characterization

Understand material properties scalable to relevant topologies

Low Error and Noise

Get the most modern highest-quality solution

Data Visibility

Get data in raw parsable, common language, and graphical formats


From manufacturing quality-control of surface finish to crystallography to polarization optics to non-linear nanocrystals to thin films to diffraction gratings, the applications of AOT custom metrology instruments are open to your creativity.


Absolute Upconversion Efficiency of Microcrystal Suspension

Absolute Upconversion Efficiency of Microcrystal Suspension

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