Crystallographic NDT

Crystallographic NDT

Crystallographic NDT Overview

CrystalView crystallographic polarization-classification imaging (CPCI) is the ultimate extension of polarized-light microscopy that provides crystallographic orientation images in air at much higher speeds and with fewer non-indexed pixels than scanning alternatives.  AOT's CPCI is the only parallel optical crystallographic NDT technique based on rigorous material models.  If you're accustomed to cutting your parts into small samples and spending hours and hours polishing to obtain small images on an electron microscope, then AOT's CPCI service can alleviate your pain.

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Measure Non-Destructively

Visualize crystallographic microstructure without cutting your parts

Expand Field-of-View

Obtain crystallographic orientation images 1" x 1" and larger

Improve Statistics

Capture low-frequency features

Reduce Cost

Reduce sample preparation and labor costs



CrystalView CPCI allows visualization of material microstructural properties correlated with failure and corrosion probabilities in high-strength and high-performance parts for aerospace, energy, architectural, and medical applications.  Grain-boundary & microtexture analysis, additive manufacturing, process development, quality control, and failure analysis with non-cubic metals including beryllium, magnesium, titanium, cobalt, zinc, tin, zirconium, and most of their alloys are just some of the applications that can benefit from CrystalView CPCI.  Orientation imaging can also be customized for oriented non-metals including ceramics, fiber composites, textiles, and plastics.

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Verification against electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD)

Verification against EBSD

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