Registered-Channel Multiplexer

Registered-Channel Multiplexer Overview

AOT's free-space registered-channel multiplexers (RCM) produce laser beams with temporally modulated characteristics including power, color, spatial mode, divergence, or polarization, with low insertion loss and inter-channel pointing stability better than one arc-second.  These multiplexers provide novel capabilities for high-speed remote-sensing, microscopy, and material-processing with low- or high-power lasers, and can be integrated with active imaging systems, lasercom systems, lidars, and laser-machining systems.


AOT RCMs enable high speed multi-dimensional capability and insight

Video-Rate Multi-Channel Illumination

Deploy a high-speed multi-channel laser illuminator

Independent Tunable Channels

Access unique signature spaces at high speeds

Compact Free-Space Design

Standard 4-channel RCMs fit in a 2.5' cube

Low Insertion Loss

Suitable for high-power lasers for long-range sensing and laser machining

Applications for a Registered-Channel Multiplexer


AOT RCMs launch a new era of multi-channel video, enabling and enhancing real-time material mapping & assessment, tactical surveillance and asset tracking, and space-object classification among a diversity of applications.

Material Mapping & Assessment Defense & Security Space


Pointing feedback and stability measured by a vortex-beam autocollimator (VBA)

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