Optical Signature Databases

Graph: 1/sr vs AOI(°)

Optical Signature Databases Overview

All optical measurements and observations can be expressed in terms of appropriate optical signatures, which can be accurately measured over diverse illumination and observation angles, angular and spatial resolutions, wavelengths, polarizations, and other variable dimensions. We understand diffuse reflectors and provide accurate absolute radiometry.  Multi-scale, multi-layer, complex, and anisotropic materials present high-dimensional signatures that can be accurately captured only with metrology expertise AND understanding of physical scattering, reflection, and transmission mechanisms. Averaging dimensions and depths can be precisely set to emulate your observations, including speckle and shot noise, which can be built into your database. AOT can also assist in building your machine-learning capability based on our measured databases, and for certain materials physical models can be fit to measured signatures to affordably expand database size and scalability to other geometries, sources, wavelengths, and conditions. AOT's optical signature databases offer unparalleled quality and accuracy for specular or diffuse reflection or transmission.

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Precise Spot & Aperture Control

Match databases to real-world observations

Complete Polarization Signatures

Expand data dimensionality

Low or Customized Error and Noise

Accurately emulate complex scenarios

Data Visibility

Get data in raw parsable, common language, and graphical formats



Accurate and consistent tracking and awareness of space objects, and many other ISR applications, rely on rendering programs that employ signature databases, and reflectance databases are essential for photorealistic and radiometrically-realistic computer graphics.

Space Defense & Security


AOT employs several metrology scatterometers and polarimeters for optical signature measurements. Detailed specs are developed for desired materials and geometries.

Scatterometer Typical Specifications
Wavelengths[633, 1064, 1550]nm
Angular resolution0.01°
Polarization error< 1%
Minimum bistatic angle< 3°
Largest probe diameter5cm
Largest sample, transmissiveø 100cm
Largest sample, reflectiveø 50cm

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