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Real-time tactical surveillance and tracking

Most defense and security sensors perform search or monitoring functions. They may key on weapons or other threat objects, on backpacks or clothing articles for search & rescue, or on custom or covert tags for asset tracking. While a diversity of machine-vision algorithms have been developed to find targets of interest efficiently, and in many cases automatically, machine-learning algorithms are computationally-intensive and usually work well only when the scenario is relatively well-controlled, like in a manufacturing environment. Scenarios where high-performance computing or cloud computing are not available or not reliable, or where the imaging conditions are not well-controlled, must rely on simpler, more robust classification algorithms. Simpler algorithms can achieve comparable performance if the sensor provides MATERIAL-BASED features. Rather than providing just a high-resolution image, the sensor can provide an image that highlights only materials of interest; it does so by measuring material signatures known a priori from lab measurements and/or physical models. Some sensors that can do this are multi-spectral or hyperspectral imagers and passive imaging polarimeters, which rely on the sun as their light source.

AOT's patented active polarimeters utilize laser sources to provide robust uninterrupted coverage. AOT offers passive, active, and hybrid polarimeters for defense and security applications.

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If you want to understand the signature space of your scenario or have an existing polarimeter to optimize, AOT can provide unique optical signature databases.

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