Field Polarimeters

Field Polarimeter

Field Polarimeter Overview

As our flagship product, AOT's patented field polarimeters are redefining how sensors classify materials in real time.  Field polarimeters are available in low-cost compact passive mode, high-specificity robust active mode, or hybrid active-passive mode, all in various bands including eye-safe short-wave infrared (SWIR) and video rate as needed.  Field polarimeters can include application-specific classification algorithms and software, installation and training, and long-term technical support.  An AOT field polarimeter can boost your imaging and classification performance well beyond conventional imaging sensors.


Highlight Materials of Interest

Achieve robust high-speed material mapping and assessment with high sensitivity and specificity

Multi-Channel Video

Probe and exploit high-dimensional signature spaces at video rates

Enable Edge Processing

Material-based algorithms work on-board the sensor without cloud or high-performance computing

Low Memory and Bandwidth Requirements

On-board data formats allow streaming and collection over long durations and large areas

Defense & security


AOT field polarimeters can be customized for a broad range of space, defense, security, environmental, and manufacturing applications based on material classification.

Material Mapping & Assessment Space Defense & Security


Assess performance with modern machine learning algorithms

Field Polarimeter Statistics graph

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