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Advanced Optical Technologies (AOT) offers multi-dimensional micro- and nano-structural material characterization, mapping, and assessment for a more complete understanding of complex materials, devices, and scenarios, and develops custom sensors for defense and commercial customers.

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Material Characterization

AOT measures polarization signatures with the world’s most accurate laboratory laser polarimeters and scatterometers and characterizes surfaces using extended-range AFM imaging

Microscopy & Nanotechnology Scatterometry


Patented solutions from Advanced Optical Technologies (AOT) are redefining how sensors classify materials at high speeds

Polarimeter Optical Signature Databases

Technical Papers

Field Polarimeter SSC West

Our Services

AOT's measurement services span from laboratory to field. AOT provides complete polarization signatures of samples at various wavelengths with better than 1% overall elemental error in measured Mueller matrices. Lab materials span from optical crystals to metallographic samples to diffuse ground materials.

Crystallographic Non-Destructive Testing Material Characterization Optical Signature Databases Optical Calibration & Certification

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